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    Our Mission

    The Erion Center for Emotional & Behavioral Health is committed to providing services with emphasis on quality, compassion, competence, and sensitivity to diversity. It is our goal to provide client-centered best practice strategies to meet the various needs of our clients and enhance their quality of life, performance, and/or relational functioning.

  • Our Owner

    My name is Tarron D. Riley, LCSW, CAS, CART, and I am the Founder of Erion Behavioral Health. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Addictions Specialist, and Certified Anger Resolution Therapist. I specialize in treating anger and its associated problems, addictions, emotional intelligence, and relationship enhancement.

    Our Philosophy

    Our philosophy is based on the belief that self-awareness, self-determination, and empowerment are the key ingredients of change, making them essential elements of the services that we offer.

    Find the Support You Deserve

    Our center is a safe and secure place for individuals to seek assistance, support, advice, and treatment. We understand the uniqueness of each person and our solutions focus on what that person needs. You can count on us to keep matters confidential and private as we work together to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Please contact us if you have any questions.